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It all started with an idea... to make myself and our two young boys some scarves to wear to protect us from the sun when helping on the station. The idea grew into wanting to make them for my friends... and now here we are - why not start a business? As if life isn't busy enough! After a lot of feed-back from friends I ironed out all the 'creases' you get with triangular scarves and came up with three designs I am proud and confident you'll love too!

Rodeo Rage Design scarves are all handmade to last - not only do they protect you from the elements - they are comfortable to wear and look great. Find the style that suits you best and go from there.

The Ashleigh Design full-coverage, comfortable and stylish.

Named after a good mate who told me she wanted a scarf that was "wider" to cover her collar bone if her shirt moved or pulled while working and riding. This scarf is also perfect for a wide neckline shirt. I was surprised at how comfortable and cool this scarf was when I trialed it and now it's my new favourite design.

The Trudy Design short for traditional... with a few changes

So here we have what was a traditional triangular scarf with a few modifications. This is the perfect scarf for those who don't like the feel of anything around their necks.

The Frankie Design flannel lined for extra warmth

After getting requests from customers down south where it is freezing in winter - I decided to try something different and created a flannel lined scarf. I am surprised how well the two different types of cotton fabrics work together when getting washed and dried repeatedly, and after testing it over a few unexpected chilly days up here I fell in love with the soft cosy feel of flannel! I am making Frankie scarves in all our Designs - so if you prefer the Ashleigh to the Trudy - I have flannel lined scarves available in both, or you have a young one that needs a Little Tykes or Junior with some added warmth - these will be available too.

Little Tykes Design (3-7yr olds) and Junior Design (8-14 yr olds)

There is nothing cuter than young ones dressed up looking smart -  why not go all out when you’re protecting your kids from the sun too! Add a bit of colour, flair and fun to their day with a sun scarf. The age range I have stated for my kid scarves is just a guideline based on averages. The Junior (8-14) and Little Tykes (3-7) are obviously smaller in order but with 3 different size options on each there is a nice margin for growth and comfort. If unsure - send me a message and I'll help you find the best fit for your child. Like all my Rodeo Rage Design scarves they also feature a button anchor point to keep them snug and in place while you’re little one is tearing around having fun!

The Muster Duster Soon to come... my unisex work scarf!!!!

Yep that's right guys - there's one here for all of us - we all need to look after ourselves! This is my "working" range scarf. It features multiple snaps at the back to change and choose which size suits best when you want to cover your face from the dust while working in the yards, to snapping it tight to cover your neck when out in the sun. The Muster Duster features double stitching for extra toughness to endure those days when it's a scorcher and you need to dunk it in the trough to keep you going.

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