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Image of Whip Hat Hitch - choose you own colours

Whip Hat Hitch - choose you own colours


Made with coloured Kangaroo hide braided by yours truly - it will last a lifetime! Choose one or two colours and please leave a comment at check out to let me know.
Comes with split pins to attach between sweatband and hat - this means no holes required and will not damage your hat.

There is nothing more annoying than loosing your hat while riding... especially if you're chasing something! You don't have time to pull up, hop down and grab it. This means you might end up going most of the day without one till you have time to backtrack and get it... and sometimes you never get it back. It's like the ground has swallowed it up and you swear you're at the place it blew off but it's disappeared... gone.
And then there are those times you do manage to stop and get it... just to find 1km down the track it goes flying off your head again... and again... and you end up playing see-saw on and off your horse all day. You end up feeling like throwing it into the scrub and wishing it would disappear... THOSE DAYS ARE OVER.
Hitch that Hat on with one of these - if it blows off it only goes as far as your back so you can reach behind while riding and pop it back on. Since pinning one of these into my work hat - I haven't looked back!

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